Cotton With Down interlayer Stitchable Sleeping Bag [NH20MSD01]

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Cotton With Down interlayer Stitchable Sleeping Bag [NH20MSD01]

  • Use as you like: the three-tier structure can be used in any combination to adapt to different scenarios
  • Breakable soft: made of 300t spring sub spun fabric, filled with high quality down cotton
  • Good cotton: the interior is made of high quality cotton, which can keep soft and close to the skin after washing
  • Cotton fiber fill: the warmth retention of down cotton combined with down and the moisture resistance of hollow cotton
  • Breakable feel: the feet of the sleeping bag can be opened to facilitate the air permeability of the feet and make sleep more comfortable
  • Can be split: more than two sleeping bags can be spliced into a large and spacious sleeping bag

Three collocations  adapt to different environments
1 . Double layer ( cotton ) : suitable for use in autumn and winter
Filling : up and down double down cotton.Recommended comfort temperature scale 8℃

2 . Three layers ( cotton ) : suitable for late autumn early winter
Filling : standard double layer cotton interlayer.Recommended comfort temperature scale 0 ℃

3 . Three layers ( cotton + down ) : suitable for winter use
Filling : standard double layer down interlayer .Recommended comfort temperature scale-2℃