DAIWA Spinning Reel [Exceler LT]

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DAIWA [Exceler LT] Light Tough Concept

  • LT Concept - an evolution in design to suit the new generation of PE/Braid lines for higher line and drag capacity, stronger gearing, improved handling and increased performance.
  • Tough Digi-Gear - New generation Tough Digi-Gear is 50% stronger than previous Digi-Gear II thanks to increased diameter main gears combined with an increase in individual gear teeth size.
  • Air-Spool ABS - our newly designed AL Air-Spool is up to 30% lighter than previous generations. The newly redesigned spool lip has improved overall cast-ability.
  • ATD - our ATD drag system is the best in the business. Reduced start-up inertia protects delicate and thin lines from the aggressive strikes of fish.
  • Air Bail - featuring a hollow, tubular bail arm for maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. The protrusion-free design works to eliminate line tangles during the retrieve.
  • Air Rotor- the innovative design and construction work to reduce weight, stress and flexing, whilst enhancing transmission of vibration and allowing the rotor to spin with perfect balance.
  • Twist-Buster - featuring a tapered line roller that offsets line twist and greatly improves line management.

SIZE 1000 2000 2500 [I-SHAPE] Knob
SIZE 3000 4000 5000 6000 [T-SHAPE] Knob