Glamping Extend 4.8 Roof A Tower Cotton Tent [NH20ZP011]

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Glamping style

  As one of the most popular outdoor lifestyle at present, glamping style includes the export of various cultures. At the same time, it is also a comprehensive presentation of personal integrated aesthetics, taste and hobbies. Because camping is a carrier to help us get in touch with the nature, which leads to the culture of dressing, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, food, photography, handicrafts and so on.


💙Balance of water resistance and breathability
The fabric used in cotton canvas series tents and canopies is treated with water-repellent coating. The cotton fabric is designed to provide the best balance between waterproof and breathability to maintain the comfort inside the tent. Cotton canvas fabric is not as "waterproof" as plastic or synthetic materials. In very heavy rain, you may feel "fog" inside the tent due to hydrostatic pressure, which is normal
💙High-quality material
Outer layer: blended cotton cloth; Bottom layer: wear-resistant PVC composite cloth; Gauze: polyester mesh; Zipper: YKK zipper; Sature: expansion thread. Please keep the cotton tent dry during storage and pay attention to cleaning (including the poles).
💙Large capacity
The style of this tent is exquisite camping, which is very suitable for couples or families.It can be arranged as a luxurious one-bedroom or a cozy double room.
💙Two support poles
This tent has two support poles, which is easy to build. It is built like a small wooden house, which is more durable and spacious. Because of the spacious space, it is very suitable for chatting with friends or playing games in a quiet night.



  1. Flatten the tent , lay the anchors at the four corners of the bottom of the tent , flattenthe bottom of the tent , and assemble the support poles .
  2. Insert the support rod into the pipe sleeve , insert the stainless steel fixing piece at theend of the support rod , and fix the pipe sleeve on the head of the support rod with a tie .
  3. Pull up the two sections of support rods in turn , and fix the wind ropes at both endsaccordingly . Note that the support rods need to be flush with the edge of the bottodoor of the tent.
  4. Fix the remaining wind ropes.
  5. Use hall poles to support the eaves if necessary .


Expand size
Storage size
Support polex4 , canopy polex2 , wind ropex14 , steel nailx18
About 16.2kg(Includes accessories and storage bag)
Foreign account: Blended cotton cloth
Zipper: YKK zipper
Gauze: Polyester mesh
Bottom account: wear-resistant PVC composite cloth
Suture: Expansion thread